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Break Away

Well, something has happened.

It's been slowly transpiring for a while.
Kate sat me down and told me that she thinks that I am a sex addict and that because of that, I cannot develop emotional relationships.
She has actually been saying this for a while. I do care about her, I just cannot say that I love her.
I cannot deny that I may be a sex addict. Can I give it up? I will find out, now that she has broken up with me and I have separated myself from the life that we were leading.

She's been moving away from me for the last month. Seeing me less and less. I haven't been giving her what she needs, so it's over. I actually feel that she could just be starting a relationship with one of our female friends.

I didn't fight for it because it just wouldn't be fair to her, she knows something that I didn't and now do. She needs my love and she cannot have it. Maybe it's because I was sharing myself around and not having just one special person that I don't have strong feelings for her.

If I am a sex addict, so be it. I'll soon know the truth of it. I guess more than anything, I'm unhappy because this is taking people out of my life that I liked and cared for. I guess if you can't give people what they need, they will leave. I'll be fine.

I am probably not going to be writing much of my personal life in here anymore because I am endeavoring to make it extremely boring for a while.

You'll hear from me soon though.


The conclusion to my last post.

Well, basically, I took the strap on Kate used on our friend and did something really cool with it. I saw this in a porno once.

I put it on backwards, so that the dildo part was sticking out from behind me and made the 2 girls get ready for doggy on either side of me. They both backed up and Kate was impaled on my dick and our friend was skewered by the dildo. I fucked both of their cunts at the same time. I was just bouncing off each girl's back side and ramming in and out of both of them alternatively.

It was awesome, I made them both cum and then lay back and they finished me with their mouths.

I was spent after that.

Check out this video.
It has a super sexy cumshot at the end.


I just want you to know something crazy.
This is a true story.Collapse )
It didn't stop there either.

The Old Friends (Part 5)

This is the continuation of the last story I was still writing before my hiatus, I reread it tonight and got in some kind of mood.
This entry into the saga is short and sharp. Very hot.
The Old Friends (Part 5)Collapse )
If you haven't read the prior parts, I suggest you do before this, I promise you it's worth it.
http://themanslut.livejournal.com/5664.html Part 1
http://themanslut.livejournal.com/8017.html Part 2
http://themanslut.livejournal.com/8879.html Part 3
http://themanslut.livejournal.com/9944.html Part 4

Damn, this will get you in the mood.

A hot red head has some fun with a guy who definitely doesn't miss on the pop shot.
The premise of this video is pretty dumb. It is really hot action though. Skip the talking, go straight to the sexy stuff.

Our Dream Home

Kate and I want to move in together and try to create a sort of share house environment. We want to turn our place of living into paradise. Paradise for us implies:
1. A house that we both live in.
2. A house that is filled with hedonistic female bisexuals and us (We think we are soul mates and while our relationship is mostly open, she doesn't seem to like other guys anymore).
3. A household that is sexually exclusive (as in no one has sex with anyone who doesn't live in our house without unanimous consent of all house mates).
4. A household with about 5 people in it.

I know you are thinking this is all my idea, you're half right. Before we met, Kate was actually a bisexual who had experienced a bad break up a long time ago and hadn't been with a man since. Now, Kate fell for my new found charms and we discovered a lot about each other quickly. We have got amazing sexual chemistry, even our social chemistry is incredible (which is how I captured her attention so). We discovered that we have similar taste in women, we have similar fantasies (obviously with anatomical differences) and we don't like using condoms. We have been totally responsible in our sexual interactions thus far and will continue to be so. We just don't want that responsibility to include condoms, we want healthy similar minded people to help us create this paradise. We absolutely curse the prevalence of STDs these days, so we want to insulate ourselves from STDs and the use of condoms by creating this paradise. A proverbial bomb shelter in the STD apocalypse (dramatic way of putting it I know). A group of trusting healthy adults who live their hedonism in a safe manner.

This is all just a dream and we know it wouldn't be a permanent arrangement for anyone (except maybe us).
We are optimistic about it, one of our fuck buddies has expressed interest in the idea.

P.S. Kate really wants to meet a girl who is ultra submissive. Even though she herself is quite submissive, she wants a girl who is a slave to both of us. A little fuck doll either of us can use for any purpose.

Trying to be better.

I'm going to try and make time to read people's journals everyday.
I'm going to try and make at least one story post a week.
I don't know about picture posts, they might be a thing of the past.
I really don't have time to make userpics anymore.

So, be nice and sexy.
And I will do the same.

A Good Night

This was one of the better nights in my life.
My girlfriend Kate and a girl that she actually found had some fun one night.
This is the storyCollapse )
Sorry about the sudden ending, I hope what's there is nice to read, I kind of ran out of time. I might talk about the rest of the night later.

I'm Back

I just wanted to tell you all how wonderful these last few months have been.

I have had sex with a collection of various women.
I have a new girlfriend (Kate) who is ok with everything I want and loves it.
I have had a threesome with 2 women (that was awesome), I had a group encounter with my current girlfriend and 2 other women (even better).
I have my girlfriend and 2 other girls who are currently fuck buddies of ours, it's pretty much only female bisexuals allowed at this point, except my best friend who was allowed to join me a couple of times with the 2 other girls (I don't really want to let him have my girlfriend because we're all friends and want to keep things happy and she's really quite picky about boys).

How did I achieve all of this? Well I can't really put it any simpler than, "I am able to, anyone is if they just go out and be themselves and just talk to every single person that they like the look of. Easy and upfront, rejection is nothing, acceptance is bliss. Being turned down is the easiest thing in the world, why worry about it?" I've probably spoken to about 500 different women at various drinking establishments and social venues and I've only had sex with around 20 of them. I got close to a few more but they were after more serious relationships and being upfront was good for everyone involved. Of all of the women I bedded during this time they were all open minded (because I let them know in my way, what I wanted) only 4 of those open minded ones were open minded enough to want to add partners to our fun. And of those 4, 1 was such a good match for me that we almost live together.

I like the way everything is, I want to be more active here if I can. I also want to keep trying new things and find new people to do it with. Kate and I both feel that way.

Thanks for staying friends with me for so long and even being interested enough at this point to read this.

Hopefully more details later.


The long hiatus was due to a fair few things this time.

1. Me starting a new fitness program.
2. The fitness program actually being taken seriously.
3. Me going out a lot more and showing off the results of this fitness program.
4. Me getting busy with girls (about 4 new ones since my last post).
5. Me being too preoccupied with actual sex and pursuing more people who would give it to me.
6. As fun as this is, all of the above are better for me right now.

So while I have missed what this LJ used to be and making my own fantasies come true, I simply haven't had time for it. At the moment, I'm seeing 2 different girls. They know about each other (they'r not interested in a threesome). They're cool with what I am doing. They're good in bed. They don't object to me seeing other people responsibly.

While everything is going well, I still want more, I always do. I've never been having so much fun in my life and I think it could be better. I'm going to make it better. I've started talking to a girl who I know could make it better, she knows what's going on, she seems interested. She used to be a gymnast (still very flexible) and she looks awesome in a bikini. I really want her. I really want group sex with all of these women.

So, I'll continue being responsible and fun and healthy and see what happens.

I might continue writing about this new journey if you all want (and if I have the time).

Missed you guys.


The girl I was talking about getting with, I got with her.
We had a lot of sex and again it was not to be.
I won't mention her name here, you know enough about her already, that is the reason why i disappeared for so long. Sorry too much real sex was happening.
Thank urugira for bringing me back. I can't promise much except that I am single and she is awesome.


There is a girl out there.
She is cool.
She is pretty.
She is so busy.
She is calm.
She is my want.
She is flawed in ways I relate to.
She is understanding.
She is my muse.
She is my lust.

No clues as to who she is, she may or may not read this. If she does though, she knows enough to know. She's on LJ, not a friend of this journal but might be interested in it simply for it's subject matter. Might know of it. Might even enjoy reading it. Might not even realise it's me writing. Might not even realise how close she is to meeting the mind of me. This mind, with thoughts so potent they could undress inhibitions. It dreams of the female form and loves it.

The Old Friends (Part 4)

The Old Friends Part 4Collapse )
The end of the beginning.
I'm proud of this entry.
So please read and let me know what you think.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Girls giving you a Merry Christmas and Santa being naughty/nice.Collapse )
Merry Christmas, give your partner all the loving you can this holiday season.
And if you don't have a partner, self loving is good too.

Have a good one.


For the last few months, while I was gone, I have been getting to know this girl. I will call her S. We met online using facebook.
We have been chatting a long time, we have lots of fun doing it to (Nothing overly sexual). We have a lot in common and we love talking to each other. We've decided that we need to meet up before christmas and I am so excited about it.
She's 18.
She loves Star Wars (big bonus for me).
She loves all the movies I do.
She loves playing DS, just like me.
She loves porn, just like me.
And she looks like Ariel Rebel.

I will meet her next saturday. Wish me luck.

Other than that, I had a dream last night about a girl, I can't remember who it was. All I know is that we were laying together watching TV and this other guy cam and layed on the other side of her. Soon after that, I was talking to her and put my arm around her, pulled her on top of me and we started to kiss, the other guy walked off (to cry maybe) and then I woke up before the kissing got very far. I had the impression that she had never even kissed anyone before. It was weird. Don't know what it means. Probably nothing.

Thanks for reading.